Australian Youth Water Polo championships 2024

  05/01/2024 - 16/01/2024. Brisbane, Australia  

How it works


1. Pre-Order

Come and see the Medal Shots team at the Brisbane Aquatic Centre to place your order


2. Action

Our photographers zero in on your athlete and capture the action

3. Online Gallery

We send a link to your online gallery where you can download your photos

4. Frames, Prints and more!

From your online gallery, you can select from our wide range of framed products, prints and  more!

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18 Photos

Gold Package


Sample Template_Australian Waterpolo Champs 2024-9.jpg__PID:4945c041-b272-4beb-976b-1f5efecc24f9


Silver Package


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Bronze Package


Photos will be high resolution & delivered to you in a private online gallery within 48 hours of your game

Australian Waterpolo Champs 2024_Frames_Black-4.png__PID:be08e407-b851-4b44-b6ae-833747851c8b

Black Frame

370 X 340mm

Australian Waterpolo Champs 2024_Frames_White-2.png__PID:c8bb76a6-fd09-4aa3-b8f1-bf05abd94235

White Frame

370 X 340mm

Australian Waterpolo Champs 2024_Large Acrylic-1.png__PID:27a30e3b-5711-411b-9584-d2449e6a01d2

Large Acrylic Frame

350 X 330mm

Australian Waterpolo Champs 2024_Medium Acrylic-5.png__PID:b11bd584-d244-4e6a-81d2-d7445658d10b

Medium Acrylic Frame

260 X 240mm

Australian Waterpolo Champs 2024_Print Square-7.png__PID:5ef0a4c4-91a1-475b-904a-8629b13ac0ba

Photo Print with Artwork

8” x 11” – APPROX A4

Australian Waterpolo Champs 2024_Print Square-9.png__PID:68237c0e-e11d-4558-972e-a1c080f22957

Photo Print

8” x 11” – APPROX A4

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